Rice Or Quinoa, Corn Flakes Or Muesli? Find Out What Yasmin Karachiwala Picked

In a series of , celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala answered a few food-related queries of her followers. Yasmin had conducted a question-and-answer session on Instagram. When one of her followers asked her to choose between quinoa and , she opted for quinoa. Similarly, she also informed about the amount of ghee that’s healthy for the body, and took a pick between cornflakes and muesli. Her first post shows a colourful bowl of quinoa. Yasmin said that quinoa was gluten-free and high in fibre, both of which were good for the body.

Answering the question on ghee, she wrote, “One tablespoon of ghee is healthy for you”. On cornflakes and muesli, Yasmin said that she doesn’t recommend cornflakes to anyone.

Time and again, Yasmin has shared healthy and nutritious recipes for her followers. These recipes are not just healthy, but satisfying as well that will make you feel good.

A few days ago, Yasmin shared a for her version of a gluten-free cheesecake. The cake looked was colourful and was full of flavours and nutrition. She used raw almonds, salt, and syrup for the base and cashews, coconut cream, lemon juice, and vanilla essence for the filling. “Eat a cheesecake guilt-free,” Yasmin wrote in the caption. Read more about it here.

In May, she had shared an easy gluten-free cookie recipe that would certainly make you drool. She used cookie butter, a cup of roasted almond flour, a scoop of protein powder, jaggery syrup, vanilla extract and melted dark along with dark chocolate chips to enhance the taste. This dish was all things healthy and vegan. She captioned the post, “These vegan and gluten-free bites are a perfect size and great for a little dessert.” Click here to find out how Yasmin made the yummy gluten-free cookie.

Yasmin also introduced us to a healthy choco-chip peanut butter recipe in one of her recent posts. For this, she used soaked chickpeas, peanut butter, jaggery syrup, almond flour along with salt, cinnamon, and powder. And of course, dark chocolate chips completed the recipe. If you want to know how she made the healthy dessert, click here.

We are in love with Yasmin Karachiwala’s healthy and delicious recipes. If you are looking at gluten-free options, she surely has you covered!

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