Rhea Kapoor’s Delectable Feasts Are Giving Us “Table Goals”

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If you follow the kind of feasts that Rhea Kapoor throws for her friends, you’ll know that there are very few parties as scrumptious as her’s. The filmmaker is a die-hard and loves to treat her friends to good food. Christmas is a time of major get-togethers at Rhea’s place. It’s not only star-struck with celebrities but also a great feast for a foodie. Recently, she posted a photo of a delectable table spread. What do we find there? We see a mouth-watering plate of chicken pieces drizzled in spicy sauce.

Next to it is a bowl of red-sauce with basil leaves sprinkled on top. More spicy curries and crunchy snacks await the guests. The photo was originally posted by Rhea’s friend Pernia Qureshi who wrote “Table goals” and tagged Rhea on it.

Rhea Kapoor loves to indulge in tasty food but she doesn’t stop at that. She loves to spread love through the dishes she cooks. Recently she surprised Kareena Kapoor with bars of delicious-looking chocolates. The actress posted photos of the bars and wrote, “Always cheering me up” while tagging Rhea. Read more about it here.

Rhea Kapoor’s recent girls’ night get-together made us envy the gang for their fiesta times. Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, , Masaba Gupta, Amrita Arora and more people were invited. One of the video clips on Kareena’s Instagram Stories showed a finger-licking platter of crispy chips and a bowl of cheesy dip. Click here to know more about the get-together.

For Rhea Kapoor, the festive season began much before the day of Christmas. She started whipping up delicious for her friends. She made one recently and gifted it to ace designer Masaba Gupta. “Don’t even get me started on this cake,” wrote Masaba on Instagram. Want to know more about it? Click here.

If you think Rhea Kapoor loves only Western food or spicy North Indian cuisine, think again. She loves to indulge in South Indian dishes too. Recently she couldn’t stop gushing about a bowl of sambar. She was having it with a crisp dosa and delicious chutney. She called it the “best chutney recipe.” Read about it here.

Rhea Kapoor’s food posts — be it showing off her culinary skills or laying lavish spreads for friends — are absolutely drool-worthy and make us hungry. Keep them coming, Rhea.

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