Revealed! Masaba Gupta Shares Her Diet And Healthy Indulgences; Take Notes

Masaba Gupta's Detox Diet Is The Inspiration We All Need To Stay Fit (See Pics)

Making a lifestyle change is difficult, but makes it all look easy with her routine. A look through her Instagram, and you will realise that she, in fact, has created a good, wholesome and fitness routine over time. From sharing about her exercise, delicious indulgences to giving diet to her fans and followers, Masaba has become an inspiration to eat and live healthy for thousands of us. Recently, the fashion designer hosted an Instagram ‘’ (AMA) session where she answered numerous questions about her diet and routine. Her daily indulgences and eating habits are sure to impress you.

The Instagram AMA session begin with one user asking, “What do you have every day first thing in the morning?” To this, Masaba answered, “These days, I have warm water with some lemon and basil seeds. But some days I just have pure .”

Another user asked her, “What is your favourite Indian food?” To this, she said, “Rajma, Bombay Fry, Yellow Dal, Can I say Onions?”

When one user questioned her about the food cravings that she always gets, Masaba replied with a delicious looking sweet bowl of and berries. She also said, “I am always craving something sweet after a meal, so I have some Greek yoghurt and berries.” In the story, she also added, “But otherwise it’s almost something salted caramel/chocolate crunch with some biscuity crunch.”

Lastly, when she was asked about advice to those struggling with weight loss, she informed her followers, “So, if you are always going to think about eating less or go on a fad diet or just taking an extreme step, it’s never going to work. The idea is to do workout and physical activity at the route and make that your lifestyle.” In the same story, she also said, “Eat well 80% of the time and have fun rest of the time. But the workout plan has to be 100%.”

In this AMA session, Masaba also revealed that she believes in intermittent fasting. Masaba claimed that “I think it’s a lifestyle where you are giving your digestive system a break and breather and not just shoving down food.”

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