Ravi Dubey’s Oh-So-Delicious Punjabi Feast In London Will Make You Drool; See Pic

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Desi is something we all miss the most whenever we go out of the country. So, whatever opportunity we get to have abroad, we don’t let go of it. That’s exactly what happened to actor Ravi Dubey. He found the essence of Punjab in London! Wondering, how? Well, Ravi got to savour some delectable along with a Punjabi curry. He shared an image of the same on Instagram Stories, and captioned it, “London mein Punjab (Punjab in London)”. A true example of how Indians love to find their regional cuisines even while they are abroad.

Seems like the Indian restaurants in London are increasingly giving us a glimpse of regional cuisine variations of India.

If this naan and curry that Ravi enjoyed reminded you of Punjab and its rich food with lots of ghee and butter, we have curated a list of some easy Punjabi delicacies that you can make at home.

1) Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti

Sarson ka saag and makki di roti is a classic Punjabi dish. It is a treat during the winter season and usually had with butter, jaggery, and . Saag means green and sarso means mustard. The curry is a mix of palak, bathua and sarson cooked in spices. Don’t forget to add extra ghee for more taste.

2) Punjabi Bhature

One of the most popular north items, Chole Bhature is believed to have originated from Punjab. Soft bhaturas are served with chickpea curry that reminiscent of rustic spices. This is easy to make and once you learn it, there’s no going back. You wouldn’t be able to resist making this spicy mouth-watering dish for yourself.

3) Dal Makhani

We all cook dal makhana in our own way and relish it. However, this is a staple dish from Punjab. We find it at dinner parties, and it’s usually eaten with naan or rice. Urad dal, kasoori methi, chilis and tomatoes come together to make this delectable dal. Its creamy texture will leave you drooling.

4) Amritsari Kulcha

If you have visited north India, you would know about this crisp Punjabi delight. Amritsari Kulcha is a popular naan bread recipe that’s relished with chole. Stuffed kulchas with extra butter and of course chole is pure bliss.

5) Butter Chicken

We all know about and crave this Punjabi dish! In this, the chicken is marinated overnight and then roasted and cooked in tomato puree along with a good amount of spices. 

What do you think of Ravi Dubey’s food adventure in London? And which of these Punjabi drool-worthy dishes are you rustling up next?

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