Pooja Makhija’s Tiramisu French Toast Has A Healthy Twist; Video Inside

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Tiramisu is quintessentially Italian but popular globally. The classic no-bake dessert is so easy that even a novice can put it together. Just place layers of mascarpone cream on some coffee-soaked ladyfingers skilfully, and your tiramisu is ready. Done correctly, a classic tiramisu can be unparalled when it comes to taste and texture. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has given the classic dish a healthy twist. In a post on Instagram, Pooja shared a video for her followers where she’s seen making, what she calls, “healthy tiramisu French toast”. Since she uses regular food items available at home, in the caption, Pooja mentions, “Daily essentials with a twist!”

In the video, we can see Pooja relishing the dessert with a smile on her face. But how did she make it? Pooja, first, took an egg in a bowl, added some almond milk, coffee shot and organic stevia. She mixed it well and dipped two slices of brown in it. Then she heated the slices on a pan, and added some coconut yogurt with honey on one of the slices. After that, she placed one slice on top of the other, drizzled some coffee and unsweetened cocoa powder and relished it.

In the caption box, she added that make this recipe vegan, just replace the egg with 1 tablespoon flaxseed powder.

Watch the video here:

Pooja Makhija often shares healthy and dietary tips for her followers on social media. A few months ago, she had told her followers about a healthy way to eat . She shared the recipe of high-protein kebabs in an . She even wrote a detailed caption where she busted a few myths and misinformation related to protein intake. To know how Pooja made the high-protein kebabs, click here.

Before that, in June, Pooja Makhija shared with her followers the of makhana, also known as foxnut. Makhanas provide fibre, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron. They are gluten-free, help curb hunger pangs, and are great for the hair and skin. Pooja said that the most important thing about makhanas was that they have Kaempferol, an antioxidant that prevents ageing and helps with greying hair. Click here to watch the full video by Pooja.

Have Pooja Makhija’s healthy food and ideas got you craving? If yes, head to the kitchen and step up your healthy cooking game.

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