Pizza Cutlet: This Yummy, Cheesy Snack Is Ideal For Weekend Indulgence

When it comes to Italian food, pizza is surely one of the first options that comes to mind. After all, who doesn’t love the thin crust, endless varieties of toppings and that oh-so-delicious melting cheese? Be it thin crust, deep dish or even pizza – there are tons of pizza versions out there. However, if you want a twist of taste in the basic pizza, then pizza cutlet is the recipe that you should try. As interesting as pizza cutlet sounds, we can assure you that this recipe will be loved by people of all ages, especially kids. This recipe is easy to make and is the perfect snack for any occasion or party.

In this dish, you can use any kind of vegetables that are available and mix them with cheese, herbs and spices to create the ultimate pizza snack. Make a filling from this mix and wrap them up in a potato mash to deep fry. Pair this with ketchup, dips or any of your liking! Read the recipe below.

Here Is The Recipe of Pizza Cutlet |

To make this dish, first, chop your veggies like capsicum, corn, , jalapenos, olives and and add them to a bowl. Now throw in chilli flakes, and oregano. Mix these well.

Next, take mashed potatoes, add the filling in the middle of it, and close it from the top. Dip this in cornflour and breadcrumbs to deep fry. Once golden brown, take it out and enjoy!

For the full recipe of pizza cutlet, click here.

Make this yummy snack and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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