Pizza Burger Recipe: This Unique Fusion Dish Brings Together The Best Of Both Worlds

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What is so delicious that everybody in the world enjoys it? There can only be two answers to that question, pizza and burger! Who doesn’t love to bite into a cheesy pizza or a delicious burger? But now comes the big debate, which one is better – pizza or burger? Nobody has been able to answer this controversial question. Pizza lovers would choose the former and burger lovers would say the latter. However, we may have found the answer that might suit both fast-food fans, pizza burgers!

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Yes, this dish is exactly as it sounds. The delicious and cheesy flavours of pizza come in the shape of a burger. The fun part is that this recipe is very easy to make. This fusion dish would be great as an appetizer and would also go well for . You can enjoy this mouth-watering and irresistible dish with both French fries and garlic bread. This is vegetarian, if you want to make it non-vegetarian, just add instead of paneer and you are good to go!

How To Make Pizza Burger:

You will need to start by preparing with the pizza filling. Marinate chopped paneer in paste, turmeric powder, red chilli flakes, mixed herbs and salt. Then, saute onion, garlic, fresh red chilli, capsicum, carrot, red pepper, sweet corn and tomatoes. Pour in pizza sauce in the vegetables and season it with pepper, red chilli flakes. Mix it well. Add the marinated paneer and cook it. The filling is ready!

Time to assemble the burger! Spread mayonnaise on the inside and fill it with the pizza filling and mozzarella cheese. Close the burger. You can spread some pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on the top if you like. Bake the pizza burger till the cheese melts!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for the pizza burger.

Sounds delicious, right? Then what are you waiting for?! Recreate this delicious pizza burger recipe at home. Do tell us in the comments section how you enjoyed it!

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