Paneer Masala Fry: This Lip-Smacking Paneer Recipe Is The Ultimate Snack For Mid-Week Indulgence

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Think of paneer, and you will instantly be reminded of all the yummy , delectable gravies, curries and whatnot. Paneer is undoubtedly one of the most versatile ingredients in our kitchen and is loved by people of all ages. Any meal made with paneer is easy, quick and delicious. You can almost add any masala or gravy to it, and a delightful dish will be ready in no time. And, while these paneer dishes are unquestionably the stars of our veg spread, it’s never a bad idea to have a few more simple and tasty up our sleeves, right? So, if you are in search of some yummy paneer recipes, then this article is just for you. Here we bring you a quick and easy paneer masala fry recipe that you would love to have!

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This paneer masala fry is packed with a punch of masalas that gives you an explosion of taste in every bite. This recipe is as simple as anything can be. With just 30 minutes in your hand, a crispy and fiery masala fry will be ready in no time. Once you make this, serve it with spicy chutney and enjoy! You can even make this recipe when you have unexpected guests. This paneer masala fry is sure to impress everyone. Read the recipe below:

Here’s How To Make Paneer Masala Fry | Paneer Masala Fry Recipe

First, cut the paneer into small cubes. In a bowl, add red chilli powder, pepper, garam masalas, powder, coriander powder, -garlic paste and mix. Now add thick and combine it with the masalas. Finally, add some lemon drops. Now throw in the paneer cubes and make sure that all the pieces are coated well. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Now in a pan, heat some oil, add curry leaves, dry red chilli and let it splutter. Put in the paneer pieces and cook from both sides. When it turns brown and crispy, take it out and serve!

For the full recipe of paneer masala fry, click here.

Make this fiery paneer snack, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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