Paneer Fried Rice Recipe: Prepare A Mouth-Watering Fried Rice Bowl In 20 Minutes

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could perhaps be one of India’s most eaten foods. So much so that a traditional Indian lunch meal would be incomplete without rice. Rice stands out because of its adaptability, whether eaten with dal or curries or tossed with various vegetables. There are many ways to cook a delicious bowl of rice. But in all the flavours, the one taste which stands out is the delicious . Typically made with spices, herbs and various sauces- this popular Asian recipe has various cooking methods. You can just make it with either vegetables or meat or both. It can be easily customised according to your taste and makes a wholesome dish to devour anytime. So, if you also love a good fried rice bowl, here we bring you a recipe of that you must try!

As the name suggests, shines as the main ingredient in this delicious recipe. Rest, you can also use your leftover vegetables and make a bowl full of nutrition. This recipe is spiced with various masalas and sauces that add extra zing. You can easily make this dish when you have guests coming over or simply when you want to make use of those leftover ingredients in your fridge. So, without waiting, let us check out the paneer fried rice recipe.

Here’s How To Make Paneer Fried Rice | Paneer Fried Rice

First, take boiled rice. Next, cut the paneer into small cubes, toss it in corn flour and fry them to a crisp. Once done, heat a wok and add oil. To this, add , then add fried paneer cubes. Let the flavours mix. Now throw in veggies, like onion, carrots, capsicum and . Toss them well. Then add red chilli powder and pepper. Now add soy sauce and mix again. Check for salt and add as per your taste. Finally, add the cooked rice and combine it with everything. Serve hot in a bowl and enjoy!

For the full recipe of paneer fried rice, click here.

Make this delicious rice recipe, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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