Padma Lakshmi Shares Hilarious Meme About Biryani, Desis Can Relate

There are some uncanny habits that all desi across the world can relate to. A keen sense of jugaad, for instance, is a common similarity among Indian people. Another would be the love for chai – we Indians just can’t do without a morning cuppa, complete with masalas and the works. Biryani is also one such Indian dish that has garnered a raging fan following among desis across the world. So, when Indian-origin television show host took to Twitter to share a meme about Biryani – desi users could definitely relate. Take a look:

The post was shared by Padma Lakshmi on her official Twitter handle, where it received over 1.8k likes. “When Desi people get ready for the holidays,” she wrote in the caption.

In the picture, there was a recipe for for 800 people. The recipe involved huge quantities of ingredients such as 200kg , 50kg rice, 4kg , 2kg , and so on. Thus, Padma Lakshmi was referring to the Indian custom of in excess for guests at parties or festivities.

The hilarious meme about Biryani had Padma Lakshmi’s followers and fans in splits. They shared their own funny reactions to the picture. Take a look:

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This is not the only time Padma Lakshmi has shared a hilarious meme about Indian food. Earlier, she confessed her love for chai with a funny post. She admitted to drinking 12 cups of tea every day! Click here to read more about her post.

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