Onion Cheese Bhajiya: Make This Quick Cheesy Snack In 15 Minutes

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In this chilly weather, anything hot paired with a cup of soothes our soul and gives us that ultimate feeling of indulgence. And if it’s made in a jiffy, then it’s even better! After all, who wouldn’t like a quick delicious snack that gives us a comforting warm feeling? So, if just reading this has made you hungry for something like that, then it’s time to get up from the blanket and make yummy to devour in this weather! As interesting as this recipe sounds, we assure you that the taste of these bhajiyas will also be lip-smacking. This recipe is easy to make and when paired with a hot cup of chai, brace yourself for the ultimate indulgence.

In this recipe of cheesy onion bhajiya, we have used simple home ingredients like besan, spices to bring out the flavour, cheese to make it even more delicious and of course, chopped ! All you need to do is make the regular bhajiya batter with these ingredients and add cheese in the middle of it to get that yummy looking cheese pull! Once you make this, you will keep returning to this recipe as it will be a hit among your family members or guests. Read the full recipe of onion cheese bhajiya below:

How To Make Onion Cheese Bhajiya | Easy Onion Cheese Bhajiya Recipe

To make this dish, first-chop onions, then add besan, red chilli, pepper and salt and mix. Combine till the onions are covered well with the besan. Now add shredded cheese and mix again. Next, slowly add some and make sure that the batter is thick. Mix again. Then take a kadhai and heat oil in it. Pour in a spoonful of the bhajiya cheese batter and fry till crisp and golden.

Once ready, take them out on a plate and serve with a chai and a bowl full of or any dip of your liking!

For the full recipe of onion cheese bhaiya, click here.

Make this delicious snack, and let us know how you liked the taste of this snack!


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