“North Indian Dosa Is Better” Tweet Triggers Heated Debate

Internet is once again divided into two sides over . Guess what’s the centre of the conflict this time? Dosa has gained attention on social media because of a user’s comment about the item. Dosa is a thin crepe-like delicacy originating from the lands of South India. It is made of a fermented batter of and lentils and served with traditional sambhar and chutney. A user on wrote, “North Indian dosa is better.” This remark has led to a lot of debate over the microblogging platform. Most of the comments following this tweet either disagree with the remark or mock it. In fact, the post has already received over 2,000 quote tweets on Twitter.

Here’s what a user wrote to disagree with the tweet, “Dosa itself is South Indian, girl… North Indians just copied it. There isn’t anything called North Indian dosa..”

“You might have confused with Pav. We should eat dosa with and sambar, not with some ketchup,” wrote another.

A person asked, “What is a North Indian dosa?”

Twitter users soon got down to explain the difference between the original dosa and the way North Indian restaurants serve it. They pointed at the amount of cheese and variety of sauces that go into the making of the simple dish. One such user posted a photo of the ingredients that may be put in a North Indian rendition of the dosa. The list contained ingredients like butter, mozzarella cheese, capsicum, spring onion, schezwan sauce, tomato sauce and pav bhaji masala. The user wrote, “Are you talking about stuff like this?”

This person took a funny dig at the dosa tweet. They wrote, “North Indian dosa- yes yes also did you know Chennai ka pav bhaji is the best.”

Someone explained that dosa found in the roadside stalls of South India are far better than those served in high-end restaurants in the North. They added, “And same holds true for idli, mettu vada, bonda, bisi bili bath, rice rasam, kesari bath, uttapam, pongal.”

“Waiting for someone to claim, American Dosa are better,” read a comment.

It seems that this debate over dosa is not to end very soon. Agee?

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