No-Oil Chicken Masala: This No-Oil Chicken Recipe Is The Mid-Week Indulgence You Need To Try

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If you are a non-vegetarian and can’t imagine your meals without your favourite chicken dish, then you are not alone. Loaded with tons of spices, butter and heavy gravy, any Indian chicken dish has the power to make us go week in the knees. However, many times, after indulging in its creamy and buttery goodness, our stomachs start to feel heavy and bloated. While is a common condition, it certainly is not a good feeling. But if you are thinking, why do we always feel that heaviness after having a hearty chicken gravy, then let us tell you – it’s mainly because of the butter and oil. Usually, to amp up the taste in any gravy, many people use butter, oil, spices, and crispy chicken. All these things mixed can lead to heaviness throughout the day.

But without these ingredients, many of us think that the authentic flavour of chicken masala will be lost. So, to change your minds, today we bring you a yummy recipe of ! Sounds interesting, right?! In this delicious no oil recipe, we guarantee you that you won’t know the difference between a regular chicken dish and in this no oil one.

This recipe is super simple to make, and all you need is 20 minutes to cook it. Prepare this masala on any event and surprise your guests with a new recipe! Read the recipe below.

Here Is The Recipe Of No Oil Chicken Masala | No Oil Chicken Masala

To make this dish, first, mix the chicken with juice and onions. Let it rest for at least one hour. Once done, mix together all the remaining masalas into and pour over the chicken. Now take a non-stick pan and start cooking chicken until it leaves just a nice thick masala coating on the pieces. Taste for salt and serve with coriander leaves.

Once the dish is ready, serve it with steaming or , lacchedar pyaaz and of course spicy chutney!

For the full recipe of no oil chicken masala, click here.

Make this delicious recipe and let us know how you liked the taste of it in the comments below!

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