Neeraj Chopra’s “Healthy Breakfast With A View” Is Making Us Drool; Take A Look

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Imagine having a scrumptious floating while sitting in front of beautiful turquoise blue water. Sounds like a dream breakfast plan, right? Well, Olympic gold medal winner is exactly living that experience in the . His latest Instagram Stories is proof that he is gorging on a delicious breakfast with a delicious view. The picture gave us a glimpse of his morning feast. There’s a tray with classic breakfast kept right in front of a breath-taking view. In the caption, Neeraj wrote, “‘Healthy’ Breakfast with a view.”

Neeraj’s breakfast tray shows fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, dragon fruit threaded onto skewers. There is a lip-smacking pancake as well. We can see refreshing . Since it is a breakfast, how can one miss out on the toasted bread? There are two bowls of muesli, an oatmeal dish made using grains, nuts, and dried fruits.

We can spot yet another bowl of a sweet dish that looks like strawberry pudding. The classic breakfast is accompanied by coffee, a choice of tea, and fruit juices.

The breakfast looks drool-worthy. We can only imagine what Neeraj must have felt chomping on all the food.

Here’s a look at his post:

Apart from being a great sportsman, Neeraj is a true foodie. He usually has to stay away from fatty food or junk to stay fit. However, when he gets the chance, he cannot resist having his favourite food.

He once revealed his love from to sweet churma in an interview after winning the gold medal in the Olympics. He stated that he would opt for sweets as his . Neeraj is very fond of homemade churma that’s made up of chapati, ghee, and sugar. He also shared that he was very fond of “pani puri.” Click here to find out more about Neeraj’s comfort food.

Last month, Neeraj also shared a photo of himself, chomping on what looked like chapati along with a hot brew. In the photo, we saw Neeraj holding the flatbread in one hand and a glass of hot tea in the other. In the caption, he wrote, “Khao roti peeyo chai, tension ko karo bye bye (eat roti, drink tea, say bye to tension).” Neeraj indeed has a delicious solution to keep stress at bay. Read more about it here.

What do you think about Neeraj Chopra’s food choices? Aren’t they so relatable?

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