Mysore Masala Chop: This Delicious Mutton Recipe Will Liven Up Your Dinner Table

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It is fair to presume that there is no lack of mutton delights in India. Whether you’re in Bengal, Rajasthan, or south India, you’ll undoubtedly come across many outstanding mutton dishes that will make you drool. After all, who doesn’t love that succulent and slightly tough texture mixed with tons of masalas? So, if you are also a fan of the same, then today we bring you a special mutton dish called Mysore chilli chop! With flavours, and colours merging from royal palaces to , Mysore food firmly preserves India’s name as a perfect destination to dine. And this recipe of Mysore chilli chop is proof of that!

Brimming with authentic and traditional spices from the region, in this dish, lamb are first marinated in a mix of spices with a burst of red chillies and then is later wrapped in sesame seeds and cooked till golden and tender.

This recipe of mutton is easy to make, and all you need is simple everyday home ingredients that add a flavorful kick to this recipe. You can make this recipe whenever you have a dinner party at home and want to impress your guests with a stellar meal. Pair these Mysore chilli chops with hot steaming rice or roti and onion rings for maximum indulgence! Read the recipe below:

How To Make Mysore Chilli Chops | Mysore Chilli Chops Recipe

To make this dish, first, in a bowl add chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder with vinegar, , and garlic pastes. Mix these well. Now apply this mixture on the lamb cutlets and marinate for . Next, take a pan and heat some oil on it. Throw in some sesame seeds and cook the on it till tender and golden brown. Now squeeze a little lemon juice from the top and serve it hot!

For the full recipe of Mysore chilli chops, click here.

Make this amazing mutton starter, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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