Move Over Bread Roll; Make This Delicious Chicken Keema Bread Roll Your Go-To Chai Snack

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Our ‘sham ki chai’ goes incomplete without some delicious snacks to munch on. From dipping biscuits in our chai to enjoying samosa, without these snacks, our chai session is incomplete. In other words, we just can’t have enough of snacks! Even though we all know the usual time list by heart, we can’t help but explore for a new and tasty dishes to indulge in. There are classic snacks like -stuffed rolls, matthi, samosas, but have you heard of chicken keema bread roll?

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Chicken keema bread roll is the non-vegetarian variation of the bread roll. As the name itself explains, instead of stuffing the bread with aloo, we stuff rolls with chicken keema. The steps of making a chicken keema bread roll are simple and similar to a bread roll. We wrap the filling with bread, coat it with egg and bread crumbs and fry it. Sounds easy-peasy, right?

How To Make Chicken Keema Bread Roll

Saute together cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, finely chopped onion, turmeric powder and cumin powder in oil. In a bowl, mix together the masala onion, mint leaves, coriander leaves, green chillies, cooked chicken keema, mashed potatoes and juice. Flatten bread with a rolling pin and place the stuffing, roll the bread and steal the stuffing inside. Do this with all of the fillings. Coat the raw bread roll in beaten egg and bread crumbs and shallow fry them. The chicken keema bread roll is ready!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Chicken keema bread roll.

This evening snack sounds delicious right? Then what are you waiting for? Make this chicken keema bread today and tell us how you liked it in the comments section.

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