Moong Dal Chips: These Delicious Yet Healthy Chips Will Liven Up Your Tea Time

No matter what we are doing, a hot cup of tea always relaxes us. A decent cup of tea in the morning or evening can lighten up our day and even turn it around if it’s been a rough one. But the one thing which completes a delicious chai are the along with it. Whether you eat bits of namkeen, biscuits or make a full-fledged snack like samosas or kachoris, there is no end to what we can cook up in minutes and devour with chai. So, to add to your list of yummy snacks, here we bring you a yummy, healthy and crispy recipe of moong dal ! Sounds interesting, right? By now, we are sure that you have had dals in all kinds of form, so to give it a twist of taste, these dal chips are a must-try.

This recipe requires no fancy ingredients and can be made in just 15 minutes. All you need to do is soak moong dal, mix it with spices and then fry it or bake for a healthier version of it. You can even store these chips in an air-tight container and enjoy them any time you feel like munching. So, without waiting, let us check out the recipe for these tasty dal chips.

Make Moong Dal Chips | Moong Dal :

To make this snack, first, soak moong dal for two hours. Now grind them. Make sure that the dal is not watery. It should have a coarse texture. Now take this out in a bowl with wheat flour, sooji and add spices like red chilli powder, pepper, dry coriander leaves and as per taste. Combine to form a semi-soft dough. Now make small balls and them out. Cut it in long chips like shape and fry or bake till lightly brown.

Once ready, enjoy this snack with your chai.

For the full recipe of moong dal chips, click here.

Make this delicious recipe and let us know how you liked the taste of it.

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