Mira Rajput’s “Balanced Diet” Gets Complete With This Dish

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Mira Rajput is giving us lessons on a balanced even from the . How? Look at what she posted on . Shahid Kapoor’s wife has always been a food lover. But she’s not the person to indulge in mindless eating. Rather, the thoughtful wife and mother loves to add meaning to her food. If she is drooling over some dish, it better be tasty and healthy. Here’s proof. Mira’s photo showed us a plate of leafy greens and a stem of red leafy vegetables or laal math shaak. On the plate, we also see sprouted grains, sliced and cooked mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes. On top of this is a drizzle of a thick orange sauce. We can also spot a blurred pizza in the frame. Mira wrote, “This is called a balanced diet.”

Mira Rajput isn’t just a crazy fan of delicious salads like these. When it comes to food and , the love of her life is . Yes, you heard it right. Mira can get more relatable because of her affinity for caffeine. She openly declares her love for this beverage. Head to this post where she sips her favourite cup. Her T-shirt print suggests that no coffee means no talking for her. “You know what I mean?” she wrote in the caption.

Here’s Mira’s post:

Mira Rajput knows just the right ways to celebrate any occasion with food and drinks. She is a good curator, too, when it comes to food. At her daughter Misha’s fifth birthday party, Mira arranged a rainbow-themed party. Can you guess the centre of attraction at the party? It has to be the beautiful two-tiered birthday cake. Interestingly, Misha’s birthday cake also followed the party’s theme. It was rainbow coloured. Mira called it, “life in Technicolour.” She wrote, “This year, M’s birthday was all about a rainbow, bright colours, and less complicated decor!”

Mira Rajput loves to be treated to delicious food. At the same time, she enjoys treating her loved ones to good food. That’s why she rustled up a yummy looking feast on her mother’s birthday, this year. From Mac ‘n’ Cheese and rainbow pizza to spaghetti to grilled zucchini salad, the feast was a balanced meal, just the way Mira loves it.

What’s next on the menu, Mira? We are already drooling over her food stories.

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