Mira Kapoor Is Drooling Over Her Mother’s Favourite Dish, Guess What It Is!

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If you have been following Mira Kapoor on Instagram lately, you would know her love for and . The 26-year old is active on Instagram and keeps us updated with everything from her low-calorie salads to decadent cakes or a full-fledged dinner with her family. No wonder Mira has become a sensation! Recently, Mira took to Instagram to share a scrumptious picture of Sindhi Sel Bread that she devoured! In the caption, Mira revealed that Sel (seyal) bread has been her mother’s favourite childhood , and that is why she has been having a Punjabi version of it since her childhood as well!

The Sindhi-Punjabi connection led to this Sel Bread to be a hearty combination with loads of and and as Mira mentioned her maternal home food is nothing without some tomatoes! She wrote, “I’m as Sindhi as my Sel Bread! This is my mother’s version of her favourite childhood Sindhi breakfast. It’s taken a far more Punjabi twist over the years, with lots of tomatoes and onions. My home food is nothing without tomatoes; my maternal home that is. We can have it with just about anything. So call me a half this or half that but my stomach is definitely full! Do you have a childhood favourite family recipe? #alwaysafoodie.”

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Seems like now we know where the foodie in Mira comes from! Our mothers definitely influence the food choices we make and with such yummy recipes, one is ought to be spoilt! After-all there is nothing like some home-cooked food.

Here’s looking forward to more of Mira’s food shenanigans and secret recipes!

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