Mira Kapoor Indulges In Winter-Special Gajak: 5 Yummy Chikki Recipes

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Mira Kapoor is one celebrity on the internet who doesn’t shy away from showing her side. We often see snippets of her delicious food diaries on Instagram, where she has amassed over 3.1 million followers. Fans of Mira Kapoor would be aware of how she loves Indian food beyond anything else. From a home-cooked saag to a flavourful Dal – these are the foods closest to Mira Kapoor’s heart. Recently, the diva took to Instagram to share a picture of some yummy winter-special Gajak. Take a look:

“What is winter without Gajak,” she wrote in the caption. Delhi winters are one of the fondest memories of Mira Kapoor, and she regularly shares pictures of the food she enjoys in the cold weather. The Gajak or Chikki that Mira posted about was the classic Gur Chikki which is absolutely delicious and instantly melts in the mouth. Earlier, Mira Kapoor had also posted about some tempting winter goodies including Panjiri, Karonda pickle and more. Click here to read more.

If all this chatter about winter goodies and Gajaks has made you hungry, worry not. We have a plethora of yummy Gajak and Chikki that you can make at home.

Here Are 5 Best Chikki Recipes:


With the goodness of and , this Gajak is ready in just thirty minutes. Try this recipe today!

2. Dry Fruit Chikki

Four different dry fruits unite to make this yummy Chikki. It also has the unique flavours of honey and lemon zest in it.

3. Amaranth Chikki

Move over regular Gajak, try this unique Amaranth Chikki. There isn’t a more tasty way to incorporate this healthy superfood in your diet!

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4. Chana Dal Chikki

If you love the earthy flavours of Chana Dal, this Chikki recipe is for you! Make this easy winter treat with just three ingredients.

5. Gulab Badam Ki Chikki

The aroma and flavour of rose petals unites with crunchy almonds for this delicious Gulab Badam Ki Chikki. Try it today!

Which Chikki recipe will you be trying first? Tell us in the comments below.

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