Military Mutton, Laal Maas And More: 5 Spicy, Delicious Mutton Curries To Help You Survive The Cold Wave


The winter season is on a full swing by now. In fact, many parts of the country are currently witnessing a bone-chilling cold wave like never before. Although, the only thing you would want to do in these conditions is snuggle up with your favourite blanket and laze around, it is necessary to keep your body warm from within. Hot, spicy and fiery dishes are definitely the first choices when it comes to winter but keeping the current situation in mind, it is best to consume foods that not only keep you warm but are nourishing too. It is said that foods that contain a good amount of take longer time to digest, in turn producing heat and keeping you warm for longer. Keeping these points in mind, we curated a list of fiery hot curries that pack the perfect combination of protein and heat.

5 Spicy And Delicious Mutton Curries To Help You Survive The Cold Wave

1. Gongura Masam:

A spicy delicacy from the heart of , the Gongura mutton curry prides itself to be one of the spiciest mutton curries ever. The curry combines the sour taste of gongura (sorrel) leaves with chilies and mutton to give you rich and spicy flavours. The recipe calls for a mix of green chilies, dried red chilies and red chilli powder.

Click here for the recipe of Gongura Mutton Curry.

2. Military Mutton Curry:

Military mutton curry can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes, pair it with , roti or idli, even dum . This simple and easy recipe makes for a spicy curry with tender chunks of meat bathed in masalas. The mutton chunks are first marinated in a ginger--chili paste and then later cooked in a coriander-chili paste.

Click here for the recipe of Military Mutton Curry.

3. Laal Maas:

This Rajasthani Mutton curry looks as spicy as it tastes. The classic fiery red colour is acquired by the use of the famous Rajasthani red chilies paste. The recipe also uses black pepper for heat. The Laal Maas has fairly simple recipe with easy-to-find ingredients.

Click here for the recipe of Laal Maas.

4. Mutton Jalfrezi:

Jalfrezi dishes are usually rich and robust; although they are made with leftovers to create a spicy dish, they are every bit decadent and delicious. This Mutton Jalfrezi is rich and spicy and just what you need in the current weather. Pair it with soft rotis or fluffy rice and enjoy an indulgent meal.

Click here for the recipe of Mutton Jalfrezi.

5. Tawa Mutton:

A scrumptious mutton dish, the tawa mutton is rich and spicy. The recipe calls for heaps of chopped green chili along with red chili powder; the boneless chunks of mutton are doused in thick and fiery gravy. Tawa mutton is best served with some hot buttered naans.

Click here for the recipe of Tawa Mutton.

There you have it; these rich and spicy mutton curries are just what you need to brave off the gruesome cold wave.

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