McDonald’s Decides To Cut Down Plastic Usage In Toys By 2025, Twitter Reacts

Who doesn’t love to receive tiny gifts while also enjoying their favourite ? That’s one of the reasons behind the raving popularity of McDonald’s iconic Happy Meals toys in the past decade. However, the fast-food company has decided to make these children’s toys more sustainable by 2025. According to a Reuters report, McDonald’s said on Tuesday that it would will reduce the use of plastic in these toys by the end of 2025. The company has been producing and selling globally almost 1 billion virgin fossil fuel-based plastic toys every year. The change may lead to a switch from plastic toys to cardboard do-it-yourself toy models.

The company may also switch to recycled or plant-based plastics. In a tweet, McDonald’s wrote, “McDonald’s Happy Meal toys to go green globally by 2025.”

McDonald’s move is a step to reduce the environmental harm caused due to packaging and other products. The company started selling Happy Meals in 1979. In 2018, it shifted to more sustainable toys in the UK, Ireland, and France. The company’s aim is to spread this trend to 100 other countries where it has its outlets.

The led to a huge reaction from the community. While some users thought the change was for the better, others complained about the gap of four years before the plan could be brought into full action.

A user named huskydog wrote, “Four long years…better than nothing I suppose.”

Another user by the mane Lathropa complained, “Why not sooner? Is there a four-year backlog of toys in a warehouse somewhere?”

A user named PC replied to the post, “Those toys are nothing but landfills.”

Another user, Roger Vaughn wrote on similar lines, “Just get rid of the useless toy and make the meal even healthier.”

A user, Joelle Adams Gorsalitz, wrote that the Happy Meals toy “always gets thrown out”. In her house.

A person named Florian called McDonald’s step a kind of greenwashing. They wrote, “This kind of greenwashing shouldn’t be worth a headline! Who cares about the toys if they continue to sell thousands of tons of meat every day?”

A user, Dmin, suggested a better alternative to the McDonald’s toys. “Maybe a pack of seeds,” they wrote.

McDonald’s seems to have ruffled many feathers with its “go green” decision. What do you think about this decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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