Masaba Gupta’s Detox Diet Is The Inspiration We All Need To Stay Fit (See Pics)

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If you follow on , you already know that she is a fitness enthusiast who adheres to a strict diet. She is also an inspiration for many people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. However, in recent times, Masaba has been indulging in all kinds of yummy delicacies like cupcakes and pyaaz kachoris on her vacation with friends and her Instagram stories are a proof of that! But as the trip comes to an end, Masaba is back in action with her . Recently, posting on Instagram, Masaba Gupta shared her detox salad bowl, which consisted of lettuce, different types of seeds, pomegranate and muesli. In her story, she wrote “Detoxing Day 3.” Take a look:

In her next story, she shared more about her detox diet and shared a photo of a glass full of celery juice and a bottle of collagen.

Well, if this detox diet by Masaba Gupta has motivated you to stay healthy and eat healthily, then fret not, as here we bring you some yummy detox that you can include in your everyday diet.

Here Are 5 Detox Drinks That You Must Try To Stay Fit:

1. Orange Carrot Ginger Juice

Oranges are antioxidant and vitamin C powerhouses. Carrots are high in beta-carotene and fibre, which can help with weight loss and digestion. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice that has long been used as a home cure for digestion, bloating and stomach cramps.

2. Pomegranate Juice

Detox with the goodness of pomegranate and beets is revered in Ayurveda for its numerous cleansing and detoxifying properties. The fresh aloe vera gel in the juice boosts your immune system even more.

3.  Lemon

A drink of lemonade doesn’t need an excuse to be enjoyed. This is the refreshing drink that keeps you hydrated as well.

4. Honey, Ginger And Lemon Tea

This drink has long been used to cure sore throats and colds, and it’s spiced with a bit of ginger, honey, and lemon. However, the combination has more advantages than you might think.

5. Coconut, Lemon And Mint Water

This delicious drink requires only three ingredients and will cleanse the toxins from your liver and intestinal tract, leaving you feeling revitalised.

Try out these yummy detox drinks, and let us know which one you liked the best.

Note: Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before adding anything new to your diet.


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