Masaba Gupta And Rhea Kapoor Can’t Stop Gushing About Their Holiday Food Diaries

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Fashion designer ’s tour to Rajasthan is nothing short of a food trip. Masaba’s holiday is a foodie’s paradise. We don’t doubt it after seeing her updates. Delicious food is everywhere during this trip where Masaba accompanies newlyweds Karan Boolani and Rhea Kapoor. In her new Instagram Stories, we see Masaba indulging in another delectable platter. We see her seated in front of a plate of samosa and different types of bread and cakes. Near the plate are two bowls of red and green chutney. But here’s something more that has photobombed the frame. Masaba’s picture-perfect meal also shows a bottle of sanitiser, which is definitely a requisite in these days of the pandemic. She wrote, “Very busy with my sanitiser and samosa.”

Masaba Gupta’s food trip also included delicious drinks. In a recent update, we see a tall glass of green juice at her table. Masaba wrote, “Time to go home.”

Masaba Gupta isn’t the only one gushing about the delectable cuisine during her holiday. Film producer Rhea Kapoor also fell in love with the delicacies served to them during their stay at a royal resort. She showed off a scrumptious Rajasthani dinner platter to her Instafam. And, we are drooling. We see a plate with a mound of herbed rice at the centre. Surrounding it are eight bowls of mouth-watering curries. What’s on the plate? Dal, button potatoes, and spicy non-vegetarian curries along with a serving of onion ring salad.

In one of her posts, we see the same thali and also notice a glass of refreshment served with it. Rhea Kapoor called the platter, “Twinkling thalis.” After all, the dinner was set amidst candlelight and warm glowing lamps.

The group went on this trip to celebrate Karan Boolani’s birthday. Masaba Gupta and Rhea Kapoor’s social media posts gave us a peek into the birthday celebrations. There, too, food played a vital role. In one of Rhea’s Instagram posts, we see the awe-striking birthday that graced the celebration. The cake is a chocolate glazed delight topped with a line of sliced strawberries and other berries.

Wait, there is more. How can we miss the oh-so-yummy devoured by the Masaba Gupta and gang? On swiping left, you will see a table full of desserts – slices and chocolate sorbet. Next, there is bread toast topped with poached eggs. 

Can we call it a happening holiday?


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