Man Dips Pizza In Coke And The Internet Does A Collective Facepalm

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In the past, we have seen the inimitable get an Asian twist, with a popular brand adding to their pizza. Before that, we have seen pizza being paired with the usual meat and vegetable toppings as well as some unusual toppings such as chocolate sauce. If you are one among the many purists who were appalled by the suggestion of the pizza or , we are afraid we have more bad news for you. A man has decided to recreate the Indian practice of dipping biscuits or rusk in tea, but with pizza. And instead of tea, he chose Coke as his choice of beverage.

Shared on September 26 by a user named Arup Mazumder, the video of this combination has recorded nearly 4 million views in just a month.

Armed with the aerated drink in one hand and a slice of pizza in another, the Instagram clip shows the man smiling as he bites into the Coke-dipped pizza. Mazumder wrote in the caption, “Pizza in dasi style.”

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Soon enough, the video caught the attention of users on social media and the reactions came rushing in from all quarters. From surprise to utter horror, the viral video elicited a range of responses.

One of the top comments read, “Duniya maaf nahi karegi tumhe (The world will not forgive you)”

Another user said, “Please ban pizza for him he does not deserve it.”

One comment by a user named Kriti said read, “Kon hai ye log? Kha se ate hai ye log (Who are these people, where do they come from)?”

Another viewer, Sabiya Naik, even wondered what the pizza must be feeling. “Pizza be like – sharam karo biscuit nahin hu jo coke main chai ki tarah dubakar kha rahe ho (Be ashamed. I am not a biscuit that you are dipping me in Coke like tea),” the user said.

Several fans also reacted to the video with shock emoji as well as laughing emoticons.

Watch the video here:

Tell us what you think of their new combination in the comments below.

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