Makhni Maggi: This Delicious Mix Of Indian Gravy And Instant Noodles Is A Must-Try

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Do you often work or late at night and feel hungry quite often? Well, no matter what the situation is, has always been the ultimate saviour of our growling stomach! The deep-fried noodles tossed in the spicy tastemaker are a huge part of our childhood. And every time we see a plate of Maggi, it’s hard not to indulge in it. But if you are looking to give a creamy and slurpy makeover to these regular instant noodles, then the delicious makhni Maggi is a must-try!

The makhni Maggi is a yummy mix of the Maggi tastemaker and a tomato-based creamy gravy with a careful blend of and vegetables that makes you drool. This Maggi may sound like an extensive dish to cook, but trust us, it is as simple as anything can be. Made with everyday home ingredients, you can quickly whip up this for ultimate indulgence and have it when craving for something fiery. So, without waiting any further, let us check out the recipe of tasty makhni Maggi.

How To Make Makhni Maggi | Makhni

To make this dish, first take chopped tomatoes, , garlic, and cashews. Roast then in a pan till slightly burn. Once done, let it cool till room temperature and then blend. Now, add this mixture in a kadhai with masalas and tastemaker and let it cook. Then add some cream or malai and mix.

Till the makhni cooks, take the Maggi noodles and boil them. Add it to the prepared makhni and toss it till everything is combined. Serve it in a bowl and add a small piece of butter from the top.

For the full recipe of Makhni Maggi, click here.

Make this delicious version of Maggi, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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