Make South Indian Chili Tamarind Pickle To Add A Fiery Zing To Your Meals

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Just the mere mention of the word achaar or pickle is enough to make many of us salivate uncontrollably. The varieties of tangy, zingy and spicy achaars are a major part of the . In fact, we have an achaar for every season, state, occasion and month! And no matter how many jars we have lying in our homes, it’s never enough! Thankfully, such is the variety of our desi cuisine that just when you think you have tasted all the achaar varieties of the country, you are gifted with yet another one to try. And if you are a lover of all things tangy and spicy just like us, you are going to be more than happy to find out that there might be another delicious achaar that you can make at home – it is a south Indian version of that is equal parts tantalising and fiery. Made with crackling green chillies and tangy , this must-try is of a famous south Indian pickle and is called .

Mulagai is the local name for chilies, or red chilies to be precise, in south Indian languages and thokku is pickle. The recipe of this south Indian pickle is as easy and simple as the name, and requires just a couple of major ingredients – chilies for heat and tamarind for the tanginess. You can prepare this south Indian pickle in a matter of minutes and store for days to come, perfect to pair for roti or dosa. The Mulagai thokku is a must-try for all you achaar lovers out there; here is the recipe.

Make South Indian Chili Tamarind Achaar l South Indian Chili Tamarind Achaar Recipe:

First wash and pat dry chilies; you may either slit the chili in the middle or just chop them roughly into 2 cm pieces. Slightly saute these chilies on low flame until light brown, add tamarind and jaggery and cook for some time. Make a paste out of it and cook the paste again with hing. Take off the heat, let it cool down and store for weeks.

Click here for the detailed recipe of South Indian Chili Tamarind Achaar.

Try out this spicy and tangy achaar today and let us know how it turns out in the comments below.

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