Madhuri Dixit Relishes Yummy Gujarat Thali, Calls It A “Tasty Farewell”

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Who said farewells are always sad? And, if you think so, please head straight to ’s timeline. The actress has just wrapped up her work schedule in . And, she has ended it on a foodie note. So, what did Madhuri eat? She treated herself to a scrumptious meal. Her plate shows a variety of drool-worthy food items including some curries and a fluffy puri. We could spot kadhi, ki sabji and some greens on her platter. There were desserts and a glass full of chaachh (buttermilk) too. Dhoklas and bhakarwadi also made a cut. She captioned the image saying, “What a tasty farewell. Aau jo. Until we meet again.” She further used the hashtags “Friday mood” and ”Work diaries.”

Take a look:

Madhuri Dixit indeed enjoyed traditional food to her heart’s content while staying in Gujarat. Recently, the actress shared a Reels on Instagram giving us a glimpse of her traditional Gujarati thali. We saw her having roti, fluffy puris, along with a variety of shaak (sabzi) prepared with various vegetables and spices. Some dal, and kadhi were also a part of her scrumptious meal. A traditional platter from the state cannot be complete without the famous dhokla. She captioned the image with words, “Food = Love”, and used hashtags such as “Gujarati Thali” and “When in Gujarat”. She also added a sticker that shows a similar thali and a text that reads, “Good food is a good mood.”

All these talks on Gujarati food has left us slurping. If you too relate to us, then here we have a surprise for you. We bring you a list of yummy Gujarati recipes that will tug at heartstrings. Click here for 15 best Gujarati recipes for you.

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