Low-Fat Recipes: 5 Mouth-Watering Chicken Recipes That You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

dahi chicken

The weekend calls for yummy and ‘sinful’ . But if you are on a weight loss journey, then perhaps you can’t afford to have fatty foods like chicken tikka pizzas, butter chicken, chicken and more. We are on a constant search for the food that would make us feel happy, satisfied yet less guilty, especially on weekends – right? If you ask us, we would suggest not to deprive yourself from your favourite mouthwatering dishes but, of course, practice moderation. But there are others who might suggest eating a healthy salad or soup, but we all know eating salads or every day may get monotonous. Our weight loss journey shouldn’t be about keeping ourselves away from the food we love! This is why we have found some fool-proof low-fat chicken recipes that are bound to make you drool. You can enjoy these chicken recipes guilt-free!

Weight Loss Recipes: Here Are 5 Low Fat Chicken Recipes:

1.Low-Fat Dahi Chicken

If you love a thick and creamy gravy but are too scared of the calories that come with cream, then this is for you. In this low-fat dahi chicken, the white creaminess comes from yoghurt and not from full cream.

Click here for the full recipe of Low-Fat Dahi Chicken.

2.Low-Fat Butter Chicken

Who doesn’t love butter chicken? The juicy pieces of chicken bathed tangy and creamy gravy just brings joy to our hearts. But butter chicken can be a very fatty dish. Not anymore, this butter chicken recipe is low fat!

Click here for the full recipe of Low-Fat Butter Chicken.

3.Low-Fat Pepper Chicken Dry

A delicious chicken snack can really make our day, but most chicken snack recipes are high in fat. That is why this low-fat pepper chick dry is the perfect snack for weight-watchers. If you bake this recipe, then it can be even healthier!

Click here for the full recipe of Low-Fat Pepper Chicken Dry.

4.Chicken Masala Without Oil

We can never have enough chicken curries, especially this chicken masala without oil. You can enjoy this chicken masala with the healthy choice of a roti. It is one chicken curry that you can have as much as you want, without any guilt.

Click here for the full recipe of Chicken Masala Without Oil.

5.Low-Fat Chicken

Shawarma has become has extremely popular in India, however, it can be a bit unhealthy. No worries, you can replace the pita bread with lettuce and enjoy low-fat chicken shawarma that will taste delicious!

Click here for the full recipe of Low-Fat Chicken Shawarma.

Try out these recipes and let us know in the comments section how you liked them.

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