Love Momos? Try Out This Mouth-Melting Aloo Momo Recipe

Who doesn’t love ?! Momos are the ultimate street food of North India. Wherever you go, from a popular market to buzzy malls, we always find carts selling these yummy delights. Momos seemed to be our go-to street snack these days. In the past years, momos have garnered a huge fan following, leading momo lovers to make delicious snacks like tandoori momos, afghani momos and more! Our love for momos inspired us to find one such unique that will become your new favourite, aloo momos. Potato fans have been waiting for this day when, our beloved aloo gets stuffed in our favourite momos. This momo recipe is probably one of the easiest recipes ever. These aloo momos use a simple yet flavourful filling of boiled potatoes that are seasoned with garlic chives and pepper.

How To Make Aloo Momos | Aloo Momos Recipe:

Create a stiff dough using maida, salt, baking powder and . For the filling, boil potatoes till it is completely cooked through. Take a mixing bowl; add boiled potatoes, finely chopped garlic chives, pepper and salt. You can also add butter even you want. Mix these ingredients well. The filling is ready! Roll small thin circles out of the prepared dough; place the aloo filling at the centre of the circle. Wet the edges circle and seal the momos. Steam the raw momos for 10 minutes or till the dough is completely cooked.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Aloo momos.

Serve these steamed aloo momos with soya sauce or the street-style .

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Momo .

Are you feeling hungry already? Then what are you waiting for?! Recreate these delicious aloo momos at home. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked this momo recipe.


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