“Let’s Settle This For Once And For All”: On Twitter, Opinions Divided Over Soan Papdi Or Kaju Katli

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We love to indulge in different kinds of sweets on festive days. Diwali, for sure, remains incomplete without some delicious sweet treats on the plate. But we have our own preferences when it comes to Indian mithai. Some prefer the crispy texture of jalebis while others lean towards the soft and juicy rasgullas. Well, debates ensue when it comes to choosing favourites from the vast range of . To add to it all, India upped the festive fun during Diwali with a quirky debate on and on the microblogging platform.

On its official handle, wrote, “Let’s settle this for once and for all. Kaju Katli or Soan Papdi?”

The tweet garnered over 1,200 likes and nearly 400 users shared it via quote tweet. The question flared up a slew of responses from users. Some users at once chose one of the sides. While one side said, “Kaju Katli any time,” the other side responded with their love for Soan Papdi. A Kaju Katli lover suggested a poll for this question. They wrote, “This should be a poll for everyone to vote on. Kaju Katli for me. Every time.”

Soan Papdi lovers did not lag behind to root for their favourite sweet. In fact, some users went ahead and described the “real” and “flaky types” Soan Papdi that was loved by many. Here’s a user recommending Dhakai Soan Papdi to all.

Another Soan Papdi fan resisted the “disgrace to a delectable sweet dish with such finesse.” According to him, the perfect description of this mithai was “sophisticated fine layering of flakes, with fragrance, crackling seeds, just a few dry , the best ones never so sweet, crisp, dry and melting in the mouth.”

A user made an interesting argument, noting how Kaju Katli doesn’t last the cravings of Diwali night while Soan Papdi stays for days after the festivities.

Here’s what another user wrote about their preferences:

A group of users couldn’t decide against any of the two sweets. So, they found a way to support both of them. A user rooted for “Kaju Papdi.”

Another user wrote about a fusion between Kaju Katli and Soan Papdi.

Some users overlooked the options given and chose other sweets.

Indian sweets can spark off a fun discussion during any festive season. This Twitter discussion is proof.

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