Kitchen Tips: 6 Storage Hacks That Will Keep Your Produce Fresh For Long

Picture this – we buy spinach on Monday, thinking we’ll cook palak paneer for Wednesday; and when we take the spinach out of the fridge to cook, we find it wilted. Much relatable, right? It gets frustrating when freshly bought vegetables start rotting in only few days. It is one such problem that almost everyone has faced in their kitchen. One of the major reasons for the same is how we store those veggies. Here we found some easy that will make your produce last longer in the fridge, letting you enjoy for a long.

Here 6 Easy Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen:

1. Wash Fruits And Veggies When You Eat

If we wash all the fruits and veggies before storing them, the moisture on the produce will dampen it. The dampness will risk moulding and rotting. Just store the produce when you buy them. Wash the veggies when you plan to cook them.

2. Store Leafy Veggies With Paper Towel

Storing leafy green like palak, methi and sarson can be a bit tricky as they easily lose their freshness in a few days. By placing a paper towel with your leafy vegetables, the paper towel will absorb all the excess moisture and prevents the vegetables from getting soggy, easily.

3. Freeze The Meat

Always store your meat in the freezer, this will prolong its shelf life. You can easily buy the meat in bulk and save money without worrying about the meat rotting.

4. Store Herbs In Fresh Water

Fresh herbs like dhaniya (coriander) patta (curry leaves) and pudina () can easily get soggy and rot even if they are stored in the fridge. The easiest way to keep them fresh is to store them in a jar of water, upright like a plant.

5. Puree Leafy Veggies If Not Used For A While

If the leafy vegetables start becoming soggy then don’t throw them away, a quick way to prolong their shelf life is to puree them and then store them. Pureed veggies last longer.

6. Store In Fridge

If you have been keeping your lemons on the countertop, then you have been doing it wrong. Lemon lasts longer when it is stored in the fridge, especially when it is placed in an airtight container.

Try out these storage hacks and make your daily life hassle-free. And do let us know if you have any such or kitchen tip.

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