Kitchen Hack: How To Peel Ginger Easily? Twitter Users Discuss

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There are a few ingredients that are integral to Indian cooking, and ginger is definitely one of them. Whether you use it to spice up your simple chai, or while cooking recipes like ginger chicken – ginger is delicious and versatile. There are a number of of consuming ginger, such as boosting digestion and building immunity. However, peeling and using ginger can indeed be a hassle. The rugged texture of the ingredient is quite difficult to work with, and thus many people look for to peel ginger easily. We came across one such interesting hack on Twitter that allows peeling ginger quickly without fuss. Take a look:

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The hack was shared on Twitter by former chef Catherine McBride, who is known as @McBrideWriter. “I use a spoon to peel ginger! What tool do you use,” she asked in her poll on Twitter. The tweet received 3.1k views as well as hundreds of likes and comments. In the short clip, she demonstrated how using the curved edge of a spoon could help peel ginger easily.

Twitter users were all praises for the incredible kitchen hack to peel ginger. Several said that they used a knife earlier, but would definitely try the spoon hack too. A few others suggested alternatives like a peeler or a particular kind of knife. Some also said that freezing ginger prior to peeling it could help. Others questioned why peeling it was necessary in the first place.

Take a look at this interesting Twitter discussion:

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We will definitely be trying this quick and easy kitchen hack to peel ginger soon! What did you think of the ginger peeling hack using a spoon? Tell us in the comments below.

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