Kitchen Hack: 5 Easy Ways To Add Leftover Pasta Water To Your Cooking

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With the right recipe, cooking a bowl of pasta can be child’s play. It doesn’t matter what the pasta dish is, one step that is common in all is boiling the pasta. Add a pinch of to a pot of , bring it to boil, add the pasta and once the pasta is cooked al dente, strain the pasta and move on to the next step. The is either discarded or forgotten about once the pasta is boiled. Why is it that we don’t use this versatile ingredient in our cooking? By throwing out leftover pasta water we are not only wasting resources but also losing out on the advantage of adding pasta water to our food! That is why we have found five easy ways to add pasta water to your daily cooking.

Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Use Leftover Pasta Water:

1. Use Pasta Water To Cook Pasta Sauce

This is the easiest and smartest way to use pasta water! When you have added the pasta to your choice of red or white sauce, add pasta water to bind the sauces to the pasta. The starch and salt in the pasta water acts as an excellent binding and thickening agent, making your pasta delicious and creamy.

2. Add Pasta Water To Pizza And Doughs

Pasta water has starch and salt, which makes it an excellent ingredient for making pizza dough or bread. Doughs, in general, require a pinch of salt, by adding pasta water you can skip the step. Another benefit is that the starch of the pasta water helps the dough come together beautifully.

3. Use Pasta Water To Soak Dals And

For making our favourite rajma chawal, chole bhature or dal makhani, the very first step to making any of these delicious dishes is to soak our dals or legumes. Use leftover pasta water to soak the dal in. This helps you prevent wasting water. Make sure you cook the dals with soaking water for an added flavour.

4. Steam Veggies In Pasta Water

You can easily reuse the pasta water for steaming vegetables! It is a simple way to conserve water without putting in a lot of work. Another thrifty idea is to simply steam the veggies while boiling the pasta by placing the veggie container on top of the boiling pasta. This way you can save energy as well!

5. Make Soup With Pasta Water

Another handy way of using pasta water is to use it to make soup. All you need to do is when you add normal water to the soup recipe, replace it with pasta water. That’s it! Using pasta water in the soup will combine the soup and make it velvety and smooth.

If you know any more handy ways to reuse pasta water, then do tell us in the comments section!

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