Kareena Kapoor Khan Is Drooling Over Her ‘Mathri Stash’; Guess Who Sent It

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Khan has been an inspiration for many. She is winning hearts for years with her iconic roles in movies, fashion statement, fitness and her carefree attitude. That’s not all. She’s also taking internet by storm with her posts and stories on Instagram. If you scroll through her social media handle, you will find Kareena sharing every slice of her life with the 8.8 million followers. What we enjoy the most are her food stories. Since the very first day on Instagram, Kareena is giving us major food goals. If you too follow her on Instagram, you will find Kareena sharing her food activities every now and then. Often, we find her drooling over delicious homemade foods. She also keeps sharing appreciation posts for friends and family for sending over yummy foods. One such instance is her recent story on the photo-sharing app.

Kareena Kapoor Khan took to her Instagram to share a story featuring a crispy that was sent over to her by friend and fashion designer Gupta. “My mathri stash has arrived…from my dearest @masabagupta,” she captioned the story with heart emojis.

In no time, shared the story and added, “+++++ GUACCCC WE’RE OBSESSED”. Here “guac” probably stands for “guacamole” that goes well when paired with mathri.

Take a look at both the stories:

If you are wondering how the mathri and guacamole combination will taste, then we suggest try them at home and decide for yourself. To help you with that, we bring two delicious mathri recipes that you can easily make at home. They are the classic mathri and spicy achari mathri.

Click here for recipe.

Click here for achari mathri recipe.

We also have a healthy version of mathri recipe that will be ideal for the ones who avoid carbs and calories in their diet. It’s the oats mathri recipe. Click here.

And to pair your mathri, try making some guacamole at home. Click here for guacamole recipe.

Now that you have all the recipes in place, we suggest, make these dishes today and enjoy snacking, Kareena and Masaba-style. Do not forget to let us know how you liked the mathri-guacamole combo.

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