Italian Cooking Channel Calls Roti As “Balloon Bread”; Leaves Internet Amused

We all know that Indian has a never-ending variety. Whether you make dishes for snacks, main course or even desserts – one can choose from thousands of recipes and even experiment with them. And this is not it, the popularity of Indian cuisine is such that many people upload videos of them either trying it out or making them at home. But what happens when someone tries to market our humble as something else? Recently, when an Italian channel called “” shared a recipe of roti and called it “Balloon bread,” people on the internet were definitely left amused!

Sharing a tweet, user @MochiMeringue uploaded a screenshot from , where “Cookist” post described roti/naan as “Balloon bread: the perfect alternative to usual bread.” Further in the screenshot, the channel also described the process of making roti by saying, “Just mix flour, warm , warm milk, oil, and dry yeast. The result will leave you speechless.”

Ever since the tweet was shared it has garnered 22.5K likes and many hilarious comments. While some were left in a shock, one person commented, “Next they’ll be calling ghee, cow oil.” Another user added, “That right there is a violation.”

One user even gave a spin to other common Indian dishes and said, “Roti: Balloon, Bread Rice: Mushy Grains, Daal: Warm grain juice, Achaar: Spicy Fruit.”

Although many people found the tweet funny, some said that its “cultural appropriation” and is “disgusting.”

Take a look at the Tweet:

Cookist had also shared a of “balloon bread” on their Instagram.

What do you think about this take on roti? Let us know in the comments below!

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