Indian Finds Naan Dough In Swedish Supermarket, ‘Desi’ Twitter Is Surprised

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has amassed a huge fan following across the world. We have seen multiple global celebrities relishing Indian food in the recent past. From Naan to , to Mysore – there are varied dishes which are enjoyed equally by our international counterparts. However, Indian cuisine fandom is not limited to restaurants and take-away alone. Recently, a Twitter user shared a photograph of some readymade dough for Naan that he found in his local supermarket in Sweden. Surprised? Take a look and see for yourself:

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The post was shared on Twitter by user @ashoswai. It has received hundreds of replies and likes from intrigued Indian users. “Had no idea that the Swedish supermarket would one day sell fresh dough for Naan,” he wrote. In the photograph, we could see a packet of readymade Naan dough. The packet stated that the dough would be enough for 4-6 portions of the yummy . Although the product itself was not Indian, but the image itself piqued Twitter users’ curiousity.

A number of users also shared their comments about the origins of Naan, and whether it was an Indian dish or originally from somewhere else in Asia. Some also felt proud that Indian food had travelled so far and wide, that a readymade Naan product was available in a Swedish supermarket.

Take a look at some of the reactions:

If all this chatter about Naan has got you curious, we have just what you need. The humble Naan can be recreated at home quickly with ingredients that are easily available at home. Although the traditional recipe uses yeast in its making, Naan can be made without any yeast as well.

Click here for the full recipe of Naan.

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