Indian Cooking Tips: Spruce Up Your Meal With This Garlic-Coriander Chaas (Recipe Inside)

Think of a cooling desi drink and the first name that pops up in our mind is a glass of spiced buttermilk, or as we call it chaas in Hindi. Made with curd, this icy beverage instantly cools down our mind and body, anytime of the day. Alongside, it works as an ideal palate cleanser, when paired with meal. However, one must not mistake chaas with lassi as both the are distinctly different in terms of texture. While chaas has a liquid-y consistency, lassi contains more amount of than making it wholesome. Hence, chaas can be consumed as a light and refreshing drink, without the worries of getting full.

Regular buttermilk includes yogurt, salt and . But if you look around, you will find a number of chaas recipes, unique to each palate. One such recipe includes garlic and coriander and offers a burst of strong flavours to the drink.

All you need for chaas recipe are yogurt (or curd), garlic, coriander, curry leaves and some basic spices. Blend them together and serve. And if you are a fan of roasted or fried garlic, then sprinkle some it on the chaas to add a caramalised flavour to your drink.

Here’s The Step-By-Step Recipe For Garlic-Coriander Chaas:


1 cups of yogurt

2 cloves of garlic

2 springs of coriander leaves

3-4 curry leaves

Half teaspoon of roasted cumin-red chilli powder

Black salt, to taste

Water, as required


Step 1. Pound the garlic and coriander leaves together. Keep aside.

Step 2. Add yogurt and water in a blender and blend them together.

Step 3. Add salt and the pounded coriander and garlic to it and mix everything together.

Step 4. Pour it in a glass jug and add ice and curry leaves to it.

Step 5. Sprinkle some roasted cumin-red chilli powder and flavourful garlic-coriander chaas is ready to be served.

Prepare this garlic-coriander chaas today and pair with your or . Enjoy your meal!

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