In A First, NASA Astronauts Make Tacos With Chillies Grown In Space

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Space tourism has become a growing area of interest in the recent past. Several expeditions and experiments have been carried out to see how life could be sustained away from Earth. In a first, NASA have managed to grow fresh chillis aboard the International Space Station (ISS). NASA’s Plant Habitat-04 (PH-04) cultivated chilli peppers for about four months after which they were harvested and sent back to Earth. Before sending them back, the crew aboard the ISS tried making delicious with them! Take a look at the photos shared on Twitter:

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Astronaut Meghan McArthur shared the pictures of the delicious Tacos that the crew enjoyed. Calling it ‘Friday Feasting’, McArthur wrote, “We got to taste red and green chile. Then, we filled out surveys (got to have the data). Finally, I made my best space tacos yet.” She used Fajita meat, rehydrated tomatoes and artichokes and freshly grown chillies in the Taco filling. The Mexican treat indeed looked delicious.

The first crop of chillies was picked from the space station on Saturday, October 30th. It was called the most challenging experiment by NASA yet due to the long germination and growing times. Take a look:

The idea behind growing vegetables in space is that most crews rely on packaged foods, which may be degraded in food quality and reduced in terms of nutrients. Thus, astronauts can consume fresh food and thus eat a healthy with a variety of ingredients. Peppers were chosen since they are easy to grow and contain good quantities of .

Twitter users reacted to the momentous shared by NASA. Take a look:

This is not the first time NASA has grown food in outer space. In December 2020, astronauts had harvested the first ever radish crop in outer space. Click here to read more about it.

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