In A First, McDonald’s Adds Healthy Choices To Its Menu For Customers

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In the post-pandemic era, health is no longer a second option but one of the major priorities for people. Healthcare expenses are not being spared and individuals are consciously switching to a and lifestyle. The diet that we consume on a daily basis has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Many restaurants and eateries are now trying to incorporate healthy options into their regular menus. Fast-food giant McDonald’s is also aiming to cater to health-conscious individuals, especially children. They have introduced nutritious options which can be opted as additions to their ‘Happy Meal’.

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Thus, the usual sides such as French Fries or Nuggets can be replaced with an array of healthy options. A fruit bowl containing pineapple tidbits is one such addition to the McDonald’s menu in North and East India. In , customers can choose between juice and Milkshake. The is 100% fruit-based and does not contain any added . The chocolate milkshake is also prepared with low-fat milk and is enriched with calcium and protein.

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East said, “Through the introduction of Fruit bowl, 100% fruit-based juice drink and Calcium & Protein enriched Milkshake in our Happy Meal menu, we are offering food and beverages choices that will enhance the feel-good, delicious experience of our Happy Meal customers. We continue to make steady progress on our food journey and create positive and meaningful changes so parents can feel good about our Happy Meals.”

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