Idli Dhokla, Dhokla Sandwich And More: 5 Unique Dhokla Recipes For Tea Time Indulgence

When it comes to trying Gujarati cuisine, there are endless mouthwatering dishes that one can make. Whether you want something for snacks, main course or even a dessert, Gujarati cuisine has a lot to offer. But there’s one Gujarati dish that has made a special place in our hearts is the light and fluffy dhokla! Traditionally made with fermented gram flour, dhoklas are steamed to perfection and tempered with mustard seeds and green chilli. And when paired with chai, it amps up the whole experience. So, if you also love dhoklas as much as we do, then here we bring you yummy variations in dhokla that you can easily make at home and enjoy!

Here Are 5 Unique Dhokla To Try | Easy Dhokla Recipes

1. Chilli Dhokla

If you love Indo-Chinese, then the chilli cheese dhokla is just for you. In this dish, the Chinese chilli flavours with cheese are added in the middle so that you get its taste in every bite. This yummy and unique recipe is easy to make, and your kids will absolutely love its taste! Find the full recipe here.

2. Dhokla Sandwich

Looking for a fulfilling snack with the goodness of veggies? Then this dish is a must-try! Made with the usual dhokla batter and filled with veggies in between two dhoklas, this sandwich recipe has a unique taste that will make you drool. You can make this even for your guests and surprise them with a new taste. See the full recipe here.


Everyone loves South , so to give the classic idlis a twist of taste, we bring you a recipe of idli dhokla! In this dish, dhokla batter is made in an idli stand and tempered with classic flavours that give an amazing taste. Check the recipe here.

4. Vegetable Dhokla

What’s the best way to get your kids to eat vegetables? Well, mix it in different dishes, and they will gulp it down without realizing it. And this vegetable dhokla does exactly that. All you need to do is mix your favourite veggies in the batter, steam it and enjoy with chutneys! Check the full recipe here.


If you are out of the dhokla batter, then make one with chana dal! With this recipe, a batter will be ready in no time, and then all you need to do is temper it once ready. Find the full recipe here.

Make these delicious and unique dhokla recipes, and let us know which one you like the best in the comments below!

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