‘I Lost 60 Pounds On The Ketogenic Diet—Here’s How’

‘I Lost 60 Pounds On The Diet—Here’s How’

I Lost 60 Pounds On The Ketogenic Diet 1

BEFORE: 203 :: AFTER: 143

Growing up, I didn’t have the best eating habits. As a kid, I would get $5 each week for my allowance, and I would ride my bike to the store and buy as much candy as I could. I was sugar obsessed! When I got into junior high school, I would spend my lunch money on horrible food options from vending machines and the cafeteria. French fries and gravy, pizzas, beef jerky sticks, potato chips, you name it. I spent my teenage years overweight, but lost 50 pounds in college because I had to walk everywhere—and I mean everywhere. I didn’t have a car and due to a slow bus schedule, I spent a lot of time on my feet walking to my job—50 minutes just one way.

After college, I moved across the country to live with my boyfriend (now husband) in 2006, and we moved in together. We would eat out for entertainment, and the weight started to pile on. By the time we got married in 2008, I’d re-gained 15 pounds.

Then, it seems like I was faced with tragedy after tragedy: My stepfather passed away that winter. I had a miscarriage in 2009. I turned to eating as a coping mechanism, and then I’d diet to try to lose the weight. Each time, I would have initial success, and then gain the weight back… plus some more.

After the births of my daughter in 2010 and my son in 2014, I just never lost the baby weight. Being the mom of two young kids left me strapped for time, especially while juggling a full-time desk job, so I wasn’t making the best food choices. My meals almost always consisted of carb-laden convenience foods. If it was salty and carby, I was all over it.

I was eating fast food just to have a break in my day. I’d spring for value meals from McDonald’s or chicken sandwiches and fries from Burger King. Dinner was a lot of or frozen .

In December of 2016, I was sitting in my car at a local park during my lunch hour listening to a podcast on . The thing is, while I was listening, I was also eating a Burger King chicken sandwich and an extra-large order of french fries with extra mayo.

Topic: ‘I Lost 60 Pounds On The Ketogenic Diet—Here’s How’

I knew I couldn’t go on this way, wanting to make a change, but never really sticking to it. I decided right then and there to seek the support of a certified psychotherapist for the emotional eating I was doing to cope with the stress and isolation of my job. In addition to helping me identify my triggers and deal with them in a healthier way, my counselor recommended trying an extremely low carb, but flexible, way of eating. She’d had personal success with it and, given my personality, she thought I might, too.
I looked into the ketogenic lifestyle, and the success stories I read made me decide to use it to reach my weight-loss goals once and for all.

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