Hyderabadi Chicken Fry And Warqi Paratha: A Delicious Meal From The City Of Nizams

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The weekend is here – after a week of juggling between post-Diwali cleaning and working full time, many of us will finally receive the much-needed break for the next two days! A time to unwind and relax, the weekends are the most-awaited days for all of us. This is also the time when we are most likely to indulge on delicacies and decadent food. We finally have the time to catch up with our friends, get back to binge watching our favorite shows and prepare some delicious treats to pamper ourselves. While there may be many tempting snacks and finger foods that we tend to order in on the weekends, this time why not try an easy and wholesome combo to make at home? Since curry (or any desi chicken dish) with roti is a comfort meal for all non-veg lovers, here’s a weekend meal that you must try – with soft Warqi parathas.

This iconic combo has fans all over the streets of Hyderabad and now you can easily make it from the comfort of your kitchen. The Hyderabadi chicken fry is the perfect dish for the weekends – It has a fairly simple recipe but will give you an immensely juicy and flavorful chicken dish. A coated with semi dry masalas; the Hyderabadi chicken has no better companion than the feathery Warqi parathas. Thin, crispy and flaky, these parathas are made with semolina and flour; the dough can be stored in the refrigerator for the next couple of days too. Sounds interesting? Try out the recipe here:

Make Hyderabadi Chicken Fry And Combo l Hyderabadi Chicken Fry And Warqi Paratha Combo Recipe:

For the paratha, mix soaked semolina, flour, milk, salt and make soft dough. Roll it out, apply ghee and follow the roll and fold pattern to achieve those classic flakes. Cook in a tawa with desi ghee.

Click here for the recipe of Warqi Paratha.

For Hyderabadi Chicken fry, in a bowl add all the ingredients and marinate the chicken for an hour. Once done, heat some oil and add whole , add the marinated chicken with masala and cook until soft and tender. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

Click here for the recipe of Hyderabadi Chicken fry.

Try out these recipes and let us know how they turn out in the comments below.


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