Husband vs Mutton: Man Asks Wife To Choose Either One, Amuses Twitter

Deciding what to eat for can result in a heated debate for passionate foodies. But that doesn’t stop them bonding over ! Eating food together is known to help breaking and sharing love. However, that’s not the same for this married couple. A man questioned his wife when he found out that she loves to eat ! He wrote to a columnist, seeking help about his conundrum and now the paper clip has amused the internet. The man seems to be stuck in a hilarious love triangle with his wife and the tasty meat! Take a look:

In the column, the vegetarian man wrote about how he married a girl who he thought was vegetarian, but it turns out she was having a ‘secret affair’ with mutton. His wife confesses to him that she “loves mutton and can’t live without it”. He had agreed to marry her because she promised to leave mutton so he finally confronted her by giving her an ultimatum, “It’s mutton or me. Make a choice.” And now he’s scared that she’ll choose mutton over him! The columnist replied to the man saying, “One can live without love, but not without food.”

Shared by @ParanjoyGuhaThakurta on , the tweet has 503 retweets, 3948 likes and 100 quote tweets. After reading the column, desi Twitter was quite amused and the reactions are hilarious! Some choose to side with mutton, while others were confused whether or not to believe that this is a real-life problem.

Take a look at some funny reactions:

If you were in the wife’s place, what would you choose? Would you stop eating mutton all together for the sake of your spouse? Or you would choose mutton over being married to your vegetarian spouse? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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