How To Make Rava Appe: A Nutritious And Delicious Recipe To Make In 30 Mins

Thanks to the delicious , we have a plethora of wonderful dishes which now rank high on our list of favourite foods. The complex flavour and simple technique of cooking these dishes is something which makes this cuisine an indulgent fare that we simply can’t resist. Although many people enjoy dosas and , we can’t cook them every day as the batter takes a lot of time to ferment. However, there are certain South Indian dishes that we can cook instantly and enjoy with yummy chutneys. Take, for instance, appe! Appe is typically eaten with breakfast or evening chai and is usually made with left-over or dosa batter. In different regions of South India, it is also called paniyaram, paddu, guliappa, gulittu, gundponglu or ponganalu.

Appe has a crispy texture and is soft, fluffy inside, making it more delicious. If you also want to make appe at home, here we bring you a simple and quick of rava appe that you must try. In this recipe, we have used a bunch of veggies as well to make it nutritious. With just 30 minutes, you can easily prepare a yummy South Indian spread. Find the full recipe below:

Here’s How To Make Rava Appe | Quick Rava Appe Recipe

In a bowl, combine the rava and dahi. Make a dosa-like batter. Then add the vegetables, soda, salt, and black pepper to a large mixing bowl. If the batter’s consistency is too thick at this point, add a little water to thin it down. Allow for a 15-minute rest period after closing the lid. Heat the appe pan and grease it with oil or ghee. Fill each of the appe moulds with 1-2 tablespoons of batter and cover with the pan’s lid. Allow the appetisers to cook on . Brush some oil/ghee on top of the appes and flip them over after the base has turned a wonderful golden brown colour. Cook the opposite side in the same manner and serve when ready!

For the full recipe of rava appe, click here.

Make this delicious delight, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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