How To Make Rajasthani Haldi Sabzi: 5 Health Benefits Of Having Raw Turmeric

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Winters are here, and the temperature will only drop over the next two months. As we wrap ourselves in warm clothes and eat all that hot and spicy food, we do our best to stay to beat the cold. But still, somehow, we fall ill. And when that happens, it is mainly because our immunity may face a dip in winters. If you also face the same situation every year, it’s best to add foods that will help build immunity and help beat cold! Take, for instance, turmeric! Turmeric is one of those spices that we add to our food every day. Be it a dal, sabzi or curry, it is the most prominent spice in Indian cooking. This spice can also help to build immunity in winters. So, for you to indulge in the maximum benefits of turmeric this year, here we bring you a recipe of !

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In this recipe, the sabzi is made using raw turmeric rather than powder form. The root is first washed and chopped into small pieces. Then it is cooked with other spices and some oil to make a sabzi. Since this recipe is directly made from raw turmeric, it is loaded with health benefits that can aid your health. Read them below:

Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Raw Turmeric:

1. Helps To Manage Diabetes

As per studies, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities have been shown to help persons Type 2 Diabetes. In addition, it also aids in the regulation of insulin levels and enhances the effectiveness of diabetes treatments.

2. Aids In Digestion

Raw turmeric, according to nutritionist Dr Simran Saini, helps aid digestion. Curcumin is thought to stimulate the formation of bile, which is one of the most important components of digestion. Increased bile juice secretion aids in easier digestion through the intestines.

3. May Lower Joint Pain

Anyone suffering from the illness can take the spice daily to relieve mild joint pains and inflammation. Though it should be noted that it is not a medication replacement, seeking medical advice is essential.

4. Boosts Immunity

Lipopolysaccharide, an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal compound found in turmeric, aids in the stimulation of the human immune system.

5. Can Purify Blood

Raw turmeric can also aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Raw turmeric’s significance in blood purification has been established by several studies and experts. According to Dr Rupali, it also controls the production of blood clots.

With these health benefits, adding raw turmeric to your diet is a must! So let us check out how to make Rajasthani haldi sabzi.

Here’s How To Make Rajasthani Haldi Sabzi | Rajasthani Haldi Sabzi Recipe:

To make this, first, wash and chop haldi in smaller pieces. Then in a pan, heat some oil and add ginger garlic paste, slit green chilli and mix. Then throw in the chopped haldi. Let it cook. Then in a bowl, add , red chilli powder, coriander powder, pepper and and mix. After five minutes, pour the dahi mixture into the sabzi and cook. Keep stirring it occasionally. When the oil starts to separate, the sabzi is almost ready. You can take it out and serve it in a bowl to enjoy!

For the full recipe of Rajasthani haldi sabzi, click here.

Make this delicious delight, and let us know you liked the taste of it!

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