How To Make Perfect Rava Dosa: 4 Easy Tips To Remember While Cooking

When it comes to food, one can’t help but mention our beloved . For many people, dosa is one of the most comforting meals that can be had any time of the day. Plus, with different varieties and instant methods, we can easily make it at home and prepare a south Indian feast in no time. However, if you are one of those who like to prepare things traditionally, we are sure that you must be equipped with the method of making a dosa batter. But, if you plan to make a different kind of dosa this time, let us tell you that you would have to change the traditional dosa batter. For instance, when preparing a , the batter has to be slightly thin to get that perfect texture. But even getting that ideal consistency can be a task. So, if you want to know how to make the perfect Rava dosa, we have some tips that you can follow. Check them out below:

4 Tips On How To Make Make Rava Dosa:

1. Make A Thin Batter

When you start preparing for the batter, make sure to keep the consistency thin. To check for consistency, you can either move a spoon in your batter, or you can stick the batter to the back of the ladle, and when it drops, you can check the consistency.

2. Stir The Batter Before

Since the dosa is made with Rava, it can soak the . When that happens, the batter tends to get heavy from the bottom, and the consistency might not be the same. So, before you pour the batter on the tawa, stir it once and make sure that the texture is thin.

3. Cook On Non-Stick Pan

It is always better to cook on a non-stick (especially if you are attempting to make a Rava dosa for the first time). This is because there could be a chance that your batter gets stuck to the bottom if not appropriately oiled. So, when you cook on a non-stick pan, the chances of that happening can reduce.

4. Heat The Tawa

Before pouring the batter, heat the tawa once. Then sprinkle some water and spread the batter all over the tawa so that a texture is formed for the Rava dosa. To make it crispy, it is always advisable to cook it on medium flame!

For the full recipe of Rava dosa, click here.

Make this delicious , and keep these simple tips in your mind!

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