How To Make Masala For Chai: A Simple, Delicious Spice Mix To Amp Up Your Chai Experience

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No matter what the season or the situation is, a hot cup of chai is always comforting to our souls. There are many ways to make a hot cup of – some prefer it with either full-fat or low-fat milk, while others may like it without milk and . Although there is no end to how one can brew a perfect cup of chai, the magic of its taste always lies in its masala! The careful blend of spices along with other ingredients is what amps up the flavour in our chai. Although most of us usually buy a ready-to-make packet of , here we bring you a recipe masala chai mix so that you can make your own masala tea in just a few minutes and enjoy!

To make the chai masala mix, all you need is a few spices that one can easily find in their kitchen. This mix does not require any fancy ingredients. And with this recipe, we assure you that your chai will be more indulgent than ever! So, without waiting, check the recipe below.

How To Make Masala Mix For Chai | Chai Masala Recipe

In a grinder, add star anise, , laung and elaichi. Grind these to form a powder. Once done, store it in a jar for months. You can add half a tablespoon of this masala to your tea and let it boil so that the flavours of the spices mix properly.

Now all you need to do is pair this cup of deliciousness with some yummy and enjoy!

For the full recipe of chai masala, click here.

Make this mix and let us know how you liked it.

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