How To Make Kariwari Mutton Gassi: A Lip-Smacking Dish From Karwar You Must Try

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There are days when you want to eat light and healthy, and then there are days when you want to go all out and create the most sumptuous feast you’ve ever made. For those days, a delectable mutton can do the trick for any non-! Every mutton curry from Indian sub-continent has the power to make us drool. But as we make these mutton dishes at home, we generally repeat the same recipes that sometimes may get boring or monotonous. So, if you want to change the taste of the regular meat recipes, we have just the dish that you can add to your menu! Here we bring you a recipe for gassi that will not only add variety to your menu but will also make you fall in love with mutton all over again.

This delicious mutton recipe comes from the region of Karwar (North Karnataka). Karwar cuisine is unique because it holds on to its traditional roots despite certain influences from Portuguese. As a result, Karwar cuisine has its distinct style, flavour, and taste compared to its neighbouring state of Maharashtra. The flavours are robust and will entice your taste buds, making you ask for more! So, for you to enjoy the taste of Karwar at home, this mutton recipe brings you exactly what you need! This recipe makes use of some local spices and coconut to balance the flavours. Find out the recipe below:

Kariwari | Make Kariwari Mutton Gassi

First, take the mutton pieces and clean them. Now marinate them with curd, , red chilli powder and turmeric powder. Let it rest for four hours. Now dry roast bay leaves, fennel seeds, baidyagi chillies, star anise, black cardamom, coriander seeds, melon seeds, poppy seeds, cashews and nutmeg. After roasting, blend these masalas.

Next, add coconut oil, onions, ginger garlic paste to a pressure cooker, and toss it with the blended masalas. Add red chilli, garam masala and salt as per taste. Throw in mutton pieces and mix well. Now add coconut paste and let it cook. Once done, serve hot and enjoy!

For the full recipe of Kariwari mutton gassi, click here.

Make this delicious mutton curry and let us know how you liked it in the comments section.

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