How To Make Ghee Rice: 4 Health Benefits Of Ghee Rice

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Think of a comforting meal, and we all have that one dish that soothes our soul. While some may find comfort in plain , others may find it in a mouthful of snacks or even desserts. But if you are one of those who likes to keep things simple, then ghee rice is something that surely makes up for a wholesome dish. Pair it with any dal or gravy or toss it in to have it as is – ghee rice is all about indulgence. In this recipe, all you need is simple home ingredients like coconut , cashews, sliced onions, peppercorns and oodles of ghee to prepare an aromatic and rich flavour. Plus, mixing ghee in this dish can also be beneficial to our health in many ways.

Health Benefits Of Ghee Rice:

  • Desi ghee and rice is known to be a good source of protein for vegetarians. If paired with some vegetables and dal, it will make a complete meal for you to indulge in.
  • Both rice and ghee promotes digestion, avoid constipation. As per Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, half a teaspoon of ghee is an excellent way to detox. Whereas rice works as a prebiotic, providing the growth of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Ghee’s fatty acids aid in the and regulation of elevated blood sugar levels. It contains linolenic acid, which may assist in lowering the risk of cardiovascular problems. Additionally, adding ghee to rice may aid diabetics in successfully digesting the sugar in rice.
  • Lastly, since ghee and rice are rich in proteins and fats, this dish can help you feel full for a longer period of time.

So, with these benefits of ghee, let us check out how to make ghee rice.

Here Is The Recipe Of Ghee Rice | Ghee

To make this recipe, first, take a kadai heat ghee and roast cashew and raisins. Roast the cashew to golden brown and keep it aside. Now in the same kadai, saute bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper. Add onion, chilli and saute until the onions turn golden brown. Now add 1 cup basmati rice (soaked 20 minutes) and roast for 1 minute without breaking rice grains. Add water, juice and salt. Stir well and get the water to a boil. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, fluff the rice gently without breaking rice grains. Add fried nuts and mix well. Finally, enjoy ghee rice!

For the full recipe of ghee rice, click here.

Make this dish and let us know how you liked the taste of it in the comments below!

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